Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Ode of Love

No one is born to be single
With the inherent desire to mingle
Finding the alter ego is life's motto
To make an abode in the inner grotto.

Nature abides and replicates
With thine kiss,intimacy and grace
To care and to be cared for
Can't deny this sacred rule ever.

Brooks mingle in river
Rivers come to confluence
All surrender to ocean
With no cast creed ,but devotion.

Mountain scales high
To kiss the blue sky
With feet on the ground
A cache for lives on the mound.

Ocean embraces the earth
With passion around its girth
Gulps the oozing venom of beloved
And gives jewels long treasured.

Moon flirts with streams
With arrows of beams
Efforts to be comrade
Of the symphony and serenade.

No one knows who is after whom
All crooning the hymn of boon
No place for jealousy and wrath
Drowning the differences in the sea of mirth.

How can I be an exception
To the edict of inception
Daring to offend the consecrated ring
Realized the confines of being a being.

1 comment:

  1. good seem to dishing out the verses quite easily now :)
    and the theme seems to be the same..